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Add Standardization (Z Scores) to Summarize tool

Would be extremely useful if the Summarize Tool had an option in the numeric menu to Standardize the data.  More often than not, data sets will not have the same count of variables which makes the comparison analysis meaningless.  Currently, there is no easy way to Standardize the data without using the K-Centroids Cluster Analysis tool or standardize_unit interval supporting macro. 


I created a macro that will normalize/denormalize datasets. Additionally, it will also normalize new datasets based off of the parameters from your initial model building normalizing metrics (so that you can use an old model on new data).


It's located at Feature Normalization.

Kevin, Thanks for sharing the macro. I am new to Alteryx and trying to fully understand the macro you built. If I have a dataset which contains a score feature, with a normal range from 75-150, and I want to use your tool to normalize the data in that column, how would I do that? I have found errors in the dataset (e.g. 750) which are outside the normal range. Any assistance with your macro would be most appreciated. VR Jacob