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Action Tool Settings Selection Need to be More Obvious

When training people on the use of action tools, something that I always have to hit on is that when you are telling the tool which piece of the XML that you are adjusting, it's sort of difficult to tell what you have selected, and super easy to accidentally select something else.



When you initially select the action to take it's this nice Blue Color. However, it still doesn't feel exactly like you have actually selected anything or told the Action Tool what to do, since it's so easy to just select any other one of these actions.



A slightly different problem is that if you are selecting an action that has been previously configured, it is just this light grey color. So it can be easy to accidentally change your settings because you may not realize it's actually set up.




Here is a recent community post that sort of outlines a few of these problems.



Agreed! This recently tripped me up...

This would be a nice little add

Alteryx Certified Partner

Yep, Always deal with this one!


Agreed. When I first started, I had the same confusion!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Great suggestion!

On this particular issue, that'll be nice to have some mechanism that can recognize the quotes on "replace a specific string", so if you're replacing [Name]="John" it'll be the same to replace John or "John".


Agreed - encountered some issues where monitor brightness made it impossible to tell on a user's machine which line was selected.  Our solution there was to get a new monitor!


Making this easier to read/troubleshoot, and providing a better view would be valuable.

Status changed to: Coming Soon

Thank you for this suggestion! This will be resolved in an upcoming release.