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TDCE-34: First column has NULL value when appending data in an Amazon Redshift table that contains a column with attribute IDENTITY(seed, step)




When you try to insert a record to an Amazon Redshift table which has a column with attribute IDENTITY(seed, step), the record is inserted fine, but the value of the first column is NULL instead of the value being passed into the Output Data tool. 


Environment Details

  • Alteryx Designer
    • All Versions.
  • Amazon Redshift
  •  Drivers 
    • Amazon Redshift (x64) version 1.04.45., 1.04.27. 
    • SIMBA Amazon Redshift ODBC Driver version,

In below example, the value passed for first column 'payer' is CVS. When you run the workflow, the record is inserted fine. The Output Data tool shows the correct value for first column ‘payer:


However, if you query the table you will notice that the first column has value [Null] instead of the value passed (CVS in this example). The other columns have the correct values.




Defect: TDCE-34
Status: Open.



Defect TDCE-34 is target for resolution in future release.



Additional Resources

  • IDENTITY(seed, step): Clause that specifies that the column is an IDENTITY column. An IDENTITY column contains unique autogenerated values. The data type for an IDENTITY column must be either INT or BIGINT. When you add rows using an INSERT or INSERT INTO [tablename] VALUES() statement, these values start with the value specified as seed and increment by the number specified as step.