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Available "Big Data Sets" on the Web

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Where can I find available "Big Data Sets" over the internet?

Bigdata is data that is usually with sizes beyond the ability of commonly used software tools to manage and process within a tolerable elapsed time. A year-long credit card transaction history or CDR (Call data record) of a telecoms company for the last 9months, behavioral credit data of a large financial institutionare some examples...


8 - Asteroid

For India -

13 - Pulsar

Originally there is an ongoing discussion where we list all the data sets we find. Here is the link;

15 - Aurora

On January 23, 2020 Google released Dataset Search, a free tool for searching 25 million publicly available datasets.


Google blog post:


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  • about half of the datasets in the search results were from for-profit aggregators
  • other popular dataset publishers on the platform include government agencies and research institutions
  • US government agencies alone have published over 2 million datasets
  • most of the datasets are related to “geosciences, biology, and agriculture.”


Dataset Search:

5 - Atom

You can also check this Data Science Company