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officially support writing to SharePoint document libraries

Currently Alteryx does not support writing to SharePoint document libraries.

However there are success sometimes but not at other times.

Please see attachment where we ran into an issue.

See this link for additional information.


We need official support for reading and writing to SharePoint document libraries.

It's an important Output target, and will becoming more so, as Alteryx enhances its reporting capabilities.


5 - Atom

This would be a great enhancement to Alteryx and the Alteryx community!!  Would be extremely useful.

5 - Atom

I would use this functionality too! You got my vote.

11 - Bolide

Agreed, this would be good to have 'built in'. The current solutions provided assume that the connection to SP already exists, but that connection is NOT always available locally and will not be available from the Server.


Can we get a comment from the Alteryx team whether this is on the development path?

11 - Bolide

@ARich - Hi Alex,


Looks like someone already submitted this idea and I already starred it! :)


8 - Asteroid

We seriously need this capability to read and write files to/from a Sharepoint Document Library.

8 - Asteroid

Any update on this?

7 - Meteor

Ya, is there any update? This function is very important for the communication between sharepoint and Alteryx.

7 - Meteor

Would also love to see this happen.

8 - Asteroid

I am adding my vote for this, this is a serious limitation for us.

6 - Meteoroid

I'm adding mine also, getting a lot of requests for this.