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YXDB SQL Tool to fetch the required data

Problem statement - 

Currently we are storing our Alteryx data in .yxdb file format and whenever we want to fetch the data, the whole dataset first load into the memory and then we can able to apply filter tool afterwards to get the required subset of data from .yxdb which is completely waste of time and resources.


Solution - 

My idea is to introduce a YXDB SQL statement tool which can directly apply in a workflow to get the required dataset from .YXDB file, I hope this will reduce the overall runtime of workflow and user will get desired data in record time which improves the performance and reduce the memory consumption.

1 Comment
5 - Atom

Let me give an use case to believe in my idea what I am trying to convey:


so lets say we have a file of 1 GB data in format .yxdb and user want to use it for some further manipulation.


so currently we have to mark this 1GB file as an input file in the input tool and then we can apply some manipulation to it, once it got loaded in the cache memory .


My point is why cant we write a SQL to fetch the required data ,like if i need .25GB out of 1 GB data that only i must load in the cache memory, not the complete one.


this is something which we are doing with in-DB SQL or any SQL DB to fetch the required dataset.


hope my idea is bit clear now .....yxdb SQL!!!! hows that?