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Text Box with Q input anchor

I have developed many workflows, macros, and apps, and I have always had to find a workaround for displaying information on the user config page or user interface.


For example, I want to input 'Default text' into the Text Box interface tool, but the problem is that it does not accept any external connection.

It would be great if this tool had a Q input anchor that could accept data from a connected tool (in both single or multi-line mode) or from external input (such as a file for DropDown list or List Box tools).



TextBox_with Default_text.PNG


9 - Comet

Hello @Sebastian_Chaieb2,


I agree that it would be nice to see a dynamic option provided to the users. I also posted a similar idea few months ago if you would like to take look at it. Then merged it with this idea to create a final idea post that is the hybrid of the two ideas.


The implementation of all these ideas including yours needs the workflow to be able to run partially to refresh the metadata (without running the entire workflow), which requires additional features (such as a metadata refresh option in the App Interface) to be added if we want to see a list presented to us dynamically when we change the input data from within the Analytic App interface (without having to open it for editing, run it once then save it).


I hope Alteryx decides to implement this idea, helping users build a more dynamic experience for app users, as they recently have with the cloud solution App Builder. It would be great to see some of the new features in the Cloud environment on the Desktop app as well.


What you want to achieve is currently not possible without building a Chained Analytic App structure, which makes it cumbersome to create a dynamic process.

13 - Pulsar

Hello @Sebastian_Chaieb2 
Stupid question : why using textbox here while a dropdown menu would do the job?

8 - Asteroid
8 - Asteroid

Hi @simonaubert_bd 

I encounter several scenarios where, for instance, I need to set a date range (with Date Start and Date End) using a text box instead of a calendar (Date tool). In such cases, I prefer to utilize input data (Min and Max) as default values.


Another example involves creating a custom instruction at the top (as opposed to a label), and this message depends on the user ID obtained from GetEnvironmentVariable("Username").


Consider a situation where it's necessary to display missing IDs on the user interface, and based on this information, take the appropriate action (such as entering values in a text box with multiline).

As a workaround, I sometimes use the ListBox tool to display available information or even a dropdown. However, with multiple lines of data, the dropdown only shows the first line, and in general, it doesn't look optimal. When users see checkboxes or dropdowns, it implies a selection is required.

13 - Pulsar

@Sebastian_Chaieb2 Thanks for the clarification :)