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Snowflake Bulk Loader

It would be really helpful to have a bulk load 'output' tool to Snowflake.  This would be functionality similar to what is available with the Redshift bulk loader.

Currently it takes a reaaally long time to insert via ODBC or would require you to write a custom solution to get this to work.


This article explains the general steps but some of the manual steps outlined would have to be automated to arrive at a solution that is entirely encapsulated within a workflow.


8 - Asteroid

I can't believe this isn't current functionality, basically to push data to Snowflake now means purchasing another ETL tool. 

5 - Atom

We at Cradlepoint are VERY interested in seeing efficient bulk load capability from Alteryx to Snowflake! The work-around currently required to avoid single-row inserts via ODBC, is not a happy path. Efficient bulk loading to Snowflake would be a HUGE WIN for the Alteryx suite!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi All,


Thanks for the feedback- please continue to upvote this if you're interested!




9 - Comet
I agree and would say that the same applies to the Exasol database system that Alteryx now connects to similar to snowflake. That's another modern database that works great when paired with Alteryx except for the slow loading. I had to go through all kinds of hoops to export data to a text file and use the command line tool to do a bulk insert via Exasol's local SQL interface. It would be so much better to just have a built-in bulk loader.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Hi All,


We're hoping to get this delivered in our Q2 release.




7 - Meteor

That's great news!  Thanks for the update Alex. 


5 - Atom


5 - Atom

Great to hear about that capability making it to your roadmap, Alex, thanks much for the heads up... Absolutely functionality we've been interested in!

5 - Atom

Bulk loading for Snowflake will be very useful!  Really the ability to bulk load should be included for as many database connections as possible.  As self service analytics tools like Alteryx get more popular, people need the ability to do basic ETL to prove out the value of their analytics.  

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi All, I'm the Beta Programs manager at Alteryx.  Alex and I have put together a feedback program for the currently in Beta Snowflake Bulk Loader feature.


Simply follow this link and log in or create an account which will allow you to download the current beta build, and deliver feedback or enter bugs directly.


Here's some guidance for 'whats new' and 'what to test' in this particular build:


We have added Snowflake Bulk write to the Output tool and to the In-DB tools!


  • Customers can now use this option to write large amounts of data from Alteryx directly into Snowflake.
  • This functionality does require data to be copied into Amazon S3 on the uploads, so an Amazon S3 bucket and credentials are required when electing to use Snowflake Bulk.
  • Here are some sample screenshots of the new functionality.  Focus testing efforts on these areas:

 Snowflake Bulk Screenshot 1 of 2.jpgSnowflake Bulk Screenshot 2 of 2.jpg