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Scroll horizontally in Alteryx is so Painful

Alteryx should support horizontal scrolling!!!! urgently

My PC has Windows Precision touchpad (which might be a standard today), I can use 2 fingers to scroll up/down but moving left/right in Alteryx is another story, it's just impossible. That's extremely annoying when the licence cost for a user is so high. 


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi @hungdm


Just to confirm, do you mean horizontal scrolling? At this point Alteryx can do vertical via mouse and touch page fairly well.

8 - Asteroid

@KylieF sr! I just edited! 



8 - Asteroid

@hungdm Just to let you know that you can scroll horizontally, by pressing "shift" while scrolling vertically with your 2 fingers (or via mouse wheel)

8 - Asteroid

Thanks Julien, I knew that function before, but it's not natural, and related to precision touchpad gesture, I don't think that's really a challenge for development team

6 - Meteoroid

Well, I do agree with this suggestion. It is counterintuitive.

5 - Atom

Just joined these boards to see if I was missing something obvious. I didn't know I could hold shift to horizonal scroll, and yes it's very counterintuitive. Why can't I just horizontal scroll with my touchpad?

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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