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SFTP with Private Key Authentication

Please could you enhance the Alteryx download tool to support SFTP connections with Private Key authentication as well.  This is not currently supported and all of our SFTP use cases use PK.

13 - Pulsar



11 - Bolide

Native SFTP capability is a highly desired feature request in our organization as well. 


In addition to reading and writing a named file, the ability to list directory contents, and move files from one directory to another server side would also be desired. 


Best regards,


8 - Asteroid

I imagine this is something that a lot of companies would benefit from. I indeed would love to see this implemented!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Wondering what is the latest update?

8 - Asteroid

I need this as well. Any updates or work around?

7 - Meteor

Need this in Alteryx!

10 - Fireball

We built a tool to support RSA PSK as the authentication method for sFTP.

8 - Asteroid

Awesome! Thanks @jwalder

8 - Asteroid

Thanks @jwalder, works great.


+1 for native support too though!

5 - Atom

Good Afternoon,


I get about 95 percent of the way thru installing the Toolkit, and then it pauses for a few seconds and then starts rolling back all the changes.  Then I receive the message box that states that the Alteryx Setup Wizard ended prematurely.  Any thoughts or ideas on what is causing the installation of the tool to error out?  Please let me know what additional info I can provide.


Is it because I’m not running the most updated version of Alteryx? I’m running Alteryx 11.7.6 on Windows 10 Enterprise 64 bit.


Also, the Toolkit support email will only receive email requests from registered users - it error ed out and sent my email back to me - Eg - why I'm posting on here.  All help is appreciated!