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R Tool: More robust read.Alteryx

Can we get a more robust read.Alteryx function for mode="data.frame"?   If it is reading the stream as a data frame, can we have the option  stringsAsFactors = FALSE?


I am getting tripped up a lot because the code will execute in R Studio, but will get mysterious behaviours when it runs within the R Tool.   I am manually converting variables to character strings in my R Tool code which I don't have to do in R Studio.   However, I'm not a highly detail oriented R developer, so I will miss variable data type conversions and have spent a lot of time going down the wrong path.  Also, It makes it difficult to maintain two different scripts for the same routine.


I have started using the glimpse() function in R Tool code, to help catch some data conversions since it writes the output in the message log.  


Rob Campanell

7 - Meteor

I have started to include this line of code in my Alteryx R Tool. It will convert all factors in the data frame to character. It uses some of the functions from the various packages in tidyverse.




df <- read.Alteryx("#1", mode="data.frame")

#-------------- Convert factors to characters ---------------#
df  %>%
map_if(is.factor, as.character)  %>%
as_data_frame -> df


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8 - Asteroid

I'm hoping this will be revived. I'm also wishing to use more pre-existing R code in Alteryx, but keeping running into issues with object classes.