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Python tool

Very nice to be able to extend Alteryx with R programs or CMD execution.  Please, please, please add a connection to Python!
7 - Meteor

I completely agree. I like what you have done with the R Script tool. I would like to have something similar for python.  I can use the Run Command tool, but this is not a very tight integration.

7 - Meteor

Absolutely!  I've been trying to figure out a way of passing control to a standalone Python application from within an Alteryx module and return control after the Python code finishes.  I've been poking at it via the run command.  An intrinsic tool with inputs and outputs would be fantastic.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

Thanks for the feedback!  A Python tool is something we have planned, but have not scheduled it as part of an official release.   We will let you know as things change and when we have a beta available!




7 - Meteor

Great! Thanks Laura :)

7 - Meteor

Wonderful.  Can't wait to see the python logo in the developer toolkit.  Definitely count me in as a beta tester.

5 - Atom

 pls supply an ETA for python, thanks

5 - Atom

Totally agree


I would love to see a Python tool in Alteryx similar to the R script tool

5 - Atom

Another upvote for this feature. Any kind of integration with the Python environment without having to use the filesystem would be a great help.


Noting the "Planned" status above - is there a timetable for developing this yet?


13 - Pulsar


From the 2016 Gartner report;


  • IBM integrates open-source R, Python and now Spark
  • Microsoft integrates Python and R

So it's apparent that Python is becoming a competitive edge in the magic quadrant as well...

Looking forward to that in Alteryx...

5 - Atom

Would also love to see the Python tool!!