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Oracle In-DB Connection Needs A Fix...

When connecting to Oracle thru In-db

I've came across an awkward issue, somehow Alteryx can't read TNS that I've defined.

Eventually I've had a solution and this was not as straight forward as it should be...


1) There is an easy way to edit, update add TNS records, finding the file and understand and update it is not as straightforward as a non IT person to tackle


Here's some tablau links on how to do it... http://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/setting-an-oracle-connection-to-use-tnsnames-ora-or-ldap-ora


2) Especially the In-db tool doesn't even look at that file...

It says enter "TNS Server Name" but it actually asks for an IP address and some credentials like,


you gotta write this in Help file,

You gotta have a better UI/UX design that helps the end user...






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To add to this, I think it would help if the Oracle Connection pane had a separate textbox for the port number( similar to the new Data Connection Manager: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BYhysEBXnI), as when you only fill out the screen above with only a domain name without a port in TNS Server Name, you get the following syntax with Oracle OCI:




This leaves out the :<port>/service name, which the interface currently does not explicitly show as needed, thus causing confusion to the user thinking the connection is correct when it is not. 

Having a link to the help page, or some sort of documentation on how the connection string should be formatted, and with the proper syntax would be extremely helpful when figuring out why the connection may not be working properly.


7 - Meteor
Hi All, I would recommend Options > Advanced Options > Manage Data Connections and connecting that way. Allows you to enter Host, Port, Service Name etc...
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