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Include Admin/Non-Admin on "About" Screen

I'm in a situation where IT has to install all my updates, so I always forget if I have Admin or non-Admin installed.


It would be nice to have that info onthe "About" screen within the software itself.


Had to get on a live chat with support today to get the secret decoder ring to figure it out.


Let's put it where it makes more sense and is easier to find...


Let's put it where it makes sense aAbout.pngnd make it obvious!

6 - Meteoroid

As an IT employee supporting Alteryx within my organization, I definitely agree that this is a valuable idea for larger organizations adopting Alteryx.


It would be great if the admin & non-admin releases are easily distinguishable by standard software inventorying tools (such as Microsoft SMS).

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Thank you for suggesting this!


If you go to Help | About, the first line in the dialog will either be 'Alteryx Admin Designer' or 'Alteryx Non-Admin Designer', as well as other information such as the product version and your serial number.