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In database : documentation for SQL field types versus Alteryx field types

Hello all,

When using in-database, all you have in select or formula are the Alteryx field types (V_String, etc..).

However, since you're mostly writing in database, in the end, there is a conversion of Alteryx field types to real SQL field types (like varchar). But how is it done ? As of today, it's a total black box. Some documentation would be appreciated.

Best regards,


7 - Meteor

I would also like to have this as it becomes frustrating to have to find the right combinations to get what you want in the database without first creating the table and just doing an append.  There should be a way to at least view the rules for the xref or better to have the ability to force a specific database column type in the native DB naming style.


Best regards,



13 - Pulsar

Hello @dgarmor ,

If you're interested, can you add your vote on the idea please? (the thumb up on the first message of the board). It will help to prioritize. And if you're in database, please have a look at the other in-db ideas ;) :

Best regards,