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Global Forget Missing Fields

Please add ablity to globally, within a module, forget all missing fields.

5 - Atom

I agree

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Status changed to: Under Review

Thanks for the idea submission.  This is something we've heard from a few customers and would like to implement.  At this point its a matter of getting it prioritized with other work.  Please continue commenting and staring this post so we can get a sense of how many people this would impact.



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This would be a great right-click action in the warning box - so when you see "missing fields" you could right click in the warning box and say "forget this one" or "Forget all missing fields in workflow".



7 - Meteor

This would be so helpful and time-saving!


I stopped paying attention to the missing fields on my everyday work because it's too time-consuming.

9 - Comet



Currently getting an error where I deleted a field from a Layout tool and am unable to forget missing fields so now I have to delete the layout tool and re-insert.  Clearing all missing fields would be great.

6 - Meteoroid


I've had this issue when trying to use the Cache Dataset. Subsequent Select tools suddenly show all fields as missing

5 - Atom

This ability would be very helpful for me.

10 - Fireball



How accurate is the 'Under review'? This Idea is over 2 years old, but still relevant (to me at least :P )

10 - Fireball

The accuracy of "Under Review" is currently "Under Review".


Did you make Global Forget Missing Fields?!?Did you make Global Forget Missing Fields?!?Slipped my mind...  How about I give you Global Forget Missing, the Godfather video and a written apology.Slipped my mind... How about I give you Global Forget Missing, the Godfather video and a written apology.