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End of Month (EOMONTH) DateTime Formula

Working in the accounting department, this has come up too many times now to ignore! 


Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see a new formula available in the DateTime formula suite that mimics the function of the EOMONTH() formula when working with dates in Excel. 

The beauty of the EOMONTH() formula in Excel is that I can just give it a date, and then tell it how many months in the future or past I would like it to add/subtract... Alternatively, in Alteryx, this can require 2 or 3 nested DateTime functions to arrive at the same answer. 

Example: To find the end of the month 2 months in the future from today's date, I would use the following formula...

Excel = EOMONTH(Today(),2)

Alteryx = DateTimeAdd(DateTimeAdd(DateTimeTrim(DateTimeToday(),"month"),3,"months"),-1,"days")


Seems much more complicated than it needs to be in Alteryx, and easy to get lost in the nested formulas & non-intuitive adding/subtracting of months/days! I can see a new formula (something like DateTimeEOMonth?) being structured as follows in Alteryx: DateTimeEOMonth([Field],increment)


Please consider! Our accounting department thanks you heartily in advance... 🙂




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Status changed to: Under Review

@NicoleJohnson Thanks for adding this idea to the ideas forum. I've been wanting to add to the list of functions available in the expression editor. I'll add this one to my list to consider for future improvements. 

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Thank you Ryan.   My accounting team in depreciation uses this function in Excel a lot.   Now I needed for Alteryx.  Very grateful.

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This ever go anywhere?

Second that.

5 - Atom

Has there been any update on this?

7 - Meteor

Try to use it in a Formula tool


DateTimeTrim([Date field],"lastofmonth")




7 - Meteor

DateTimeLastOfMonth() seems like it should also work as a simpler solution; however, it doesn't accept a variable in the (). It simply shows the EOMONTH for today.

7 - Meteor

@akmalfarid Confirmed, that worked:

DateTimeTrim([Date field],"lastofmonth")
Status changed to: Not Planned

With this existing formula function, no need for implementing a new one! 


DateTimeTrim([Date field],"lastofmonth")