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Disable all Containers with a single click

I would like a way to disable all containers within a workflow with a single click.  It could be simply disable / enable all or a series of check boxes, one for each container, where you can choose to disable / enable all or a chosen selection. 


In large workflows, with many containers, if you want to run a single container while testing it can take a while to scroll up and down the workflow disabling each container in turn.  

8 - Asteroid

Actually I have used a way around that with control containers. 

I create a 'Switch' container at the top of my workflow and make some further control containers depended of that one being ON or OFF. I use it more particularly with reporting and output tools. Sometimes when I am testing my workflow I do not want to write to all final reporting destinations but I still want to output. So disabling all tools that write to output is not helpful. This way I can choose which get turned on or off as I need.


The principle is very simple, my Text input is called [Action] = "on", I union a data stream from the end of my workflow with a new formula [Action] = Null() then a filter where [Action] = "on" and finally the True output is linked to the anchor of the control container down stream.


If I enable the container with the Switch, the downstream containers will operate, otherwise they will be disabled.


Using the Switch tool.PNG

7 - Meteor

Very Cool!  Rosie Slee, our Strategic Customer Success Manager, tells me that "our new Control Container functionality in version 2023.1 might be helpful for you". 

8 - Asteroid

Hi @charlieepes 


I do use them, as shown on my screenshot. But they tend to be at the end of long workflows, very far on the bottom right.

Locating my 'Switch' close to the top left of my workflow ensures they are easily accessible without navigating to the first Control Container.


For workflows that need to be repeated on a weekly basis. I tend to run the workflow once with the switch turned OFF to flush out any error messages. I create a lot of traps with the Test tool in my workflow to capture typical possible issues that need addressing before publishing the reports.

Once all the errors are flushed out or accepted or if there are no errors, I turn the switch ON and write/publish my reports. If there are no errors, I only need to run my workflow twice without diving in to find the first control container.


This is also helpful if I only need to write to an Alteryx database for used in a subsequent workflow and do not need to publish reports to my users.