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Datatype Conversion in Table Tool

It would be great if there was a way to convert datatypes within the Table Reporting tool.  The specific example that sparked this idea is calculating percentages so they are shown in the report with the decimal place moved over.  Today, within the formula tool I need to calculate the percentage and then multiply it by 100 in order for it to display the way I'd like in the report.  However, if I need to leverage this percentage for another formula I most likely will have to divide the percentage I calculated first by 100 before I continue my calculation.


It would be nice to not have to multiply by 100 to move the decimal place over 2 spots and instead use the table tool to convert the number into a percentage we're all used to seeing.  I'm thinking something similar to excel where you can click percentage, currency, etc to convert your number.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

so - like simple output formatters?



Format this field as a % with 2 decimal places

Format this field as a date in DD/MMM YYYY format 



7 - Meteor

Yea something like would help streamline the formatting process rather than piecing it all together.  Virtually every report we generate has a table of some sort so this would save a ton of time.

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