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Copy User Constants

User.DevInputPath  \\Server\Path\Input




When I define a constant and then use it to reference an input dataset it makes it very easy for me to switch paths.  It also creates a little headache for me if I copy that input or create another workflow.  When I create another workflow, I must re-type and create more user constant entries.  It would be nice to be able to + (create new workflow) and to generate it via a copy of the current open workflow (copy ALL preferences set plus the user constants) from the workflow.  Even the ability to copy/paste the constants would be an improvement.




14 - Magnetar

Adding on to User Constant ideas:

having the ability to reference a file that contains user constants would be huge!

This would let these be set up dynamically and potentially allow for different configuration in different server environments.


I've starred the above post as ease of copying constants would also greatly help with standardization.

Status changed to: Comments Requested

We are adding the ability to duplicate the currently open workflow, including all of its user constants and preferences. This isn't exactly what you are requesting but might meet your needs?

Status changed to: Implemented

The ability to right click on a workflow tab, and duplicate it, including the constants and workflow preferences, in now available in the 2019.3 release. Download it at