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Chained apps - Don't reset position of the app window on next app.

Recently I've been building quite a few chained apps for specific use-cases. Some of which are typical to be run in Designer, and have many chains.


This may just be a multiple monitors pain, but when running a chained app, if I submit the first app and continue to the other if I have dragged the Analytic app window anywhere - it will reset back to its original position.


I have found this to be a pain point especially in demonstrating Analytic Apps to someone, as I tend to show one of my screens, and have to drag the new Analytic app window over at each stage. It would be a great QOL difference to have this retain its position.


Basic example for demonstration (showing both monitors):

Step 1: Run the first chained analytic app (See attached)


Step 2: Drag the app interface over, fill out the app, hit continue:


Step 3: Notice that the app interface has reset back to the right monitor:


This does seem to always start on the PC 'primary monitor', however, I don't tend to use my Alteryx on my primary monitor, and have requirements for my other monitor being the primary. I am hoping as a QOL change, it can either be changed to remember where it is (ideally) or if easier to implement, open on the monitor that has Alteryx Designer open.

Please see attached the workflow I used for an example, let me know if you have any questions.


15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

I realize in hindsight the screenshots are very large (2x 1440p monitors), let me know if you need a lower resolution example.


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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