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Banded rows on a browse

Pretty simple but could be helpful when troubleshooting and reviewing.  Allow a user to have rows be banded in a different color, allow the user to select how to do the grouping to band.  For example, a large browse tool has several thousand rows, sorted by product name.  Each product has between 5 and 50 rows each.  If a user could set color banding by product,.. they could easily find the "breaks" between product rows.  This could be somewhat similar to the Excel table formatting option for banded rows,.. you could simply alternate bands,.. but would be nice to be able to group the bands by some column attribute in the data.

This may be a little easier than constantly opening new browse windows with the selected records,. or to use filters or other tools to group the data for review / troubleshoooting purposes.

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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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