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Analytic App default window size

It would be great if we could set the default size of the window presented to the user upon running an Analytic App. Better yet, the option to also have it be dynamically sized (auto-size to the number of input fields required).

7 - Meteor

Hello - has this been addressed or a solution presented since the original post? We're looking for a way to present this window as wider than is currently available. 

7 - Meteor

Completely agree with you!

It makes it annoying to widen application window after each run. The default window side is ridiculously small, especially when you have some inputs that are more than two calendars...

8 - Asteroid

I agree with both comments above, would be great to make the window larger.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Our product team is currently working through evaluating the technical requirements behind implementing this idea. While this is occurring, which can take some time, I'm updating this idea to Under Review. Once our team can better speak on if or when we could implement this idea I'll update the idea accordingly! 


An option for the App result window to dynamically size for the data would be great!

5 - Atom

Do we have any updates ?