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Allow Personal Use of License

I'd like to see Alteryx allow a second install of your license on a second, personal machine.  Tableau allows this and IMO is why there is such a robust online / blog community around that product.


For those of us that work at mid-size to large organizations, there are often strict rules governing internal data and use of cloud-based data sources.  If I discover some new trick I'd like the share with my fellow Alteryx analysts outside of my company, I have no clear way to do that the same way I can with Tableau where I can do it at home not using my company's data.


Being able to learn new features and test things out on commonly available public data (ever notice that Superstore data set everyone who gets Tableau has?) would accelerate what we're able to do with the community site here and the larger analytics blogging community.



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Not Planned

Hi All,


I wanted to provide an update to this idea as there appears to have been some confusion when posting the initial status change. After further review of the process and this idea from high level associates, we've come to the conclusion that this idea is best set to the status Not Planned.


While a process is in place to obtain a personal license, this process is fairly complicated, requires several specific criteria to be met, and does not apply to a large amount of agreements. As the spirit of this idea is to have easily accessible personal licenses, this process doesn't currently fulfill that goal, and thus this idea should not have been updated to Implemented.


As our licensing structure stands, will also be unable to implement this idea, so a Not Planned status is most applicable. However, should this change we will update the status again to reflect this.


We're working to insure these kinds of miscommunication do not occur in the future when updating ideas, however we sincerely apologize for the mistake and confusion this may have caused.


Thank you all for your understanding.

8 - Asteroid

@KylieF i think its incorrect to tag this idea to only personal machines. the idea is to install the license on multiple machines(2 or more) for the same user. 

effectively When Alteryx license is bought its bought for a user and not for a machine. i Understand Alteryx is controlling the license by only allowing it to be installed on one machine. for eg in my case i have a official desktop and a official laptop and the Alteryx is installed on the Desktop as its more powerful. 

there might be times i am working on laptop at a remote location and can work on workflows without using my Desktop. right now this is not possible. 


By the way limiting access for it to be installed on only a single machine while being a user license is only Alteryx loss and not the user. the more you limit the exposure of the tool and restrict is you loose your customer base. i would be happy to use tableau prep which i can install on multiple machines. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



I understand where you're coming from with this idea could have implications that apply to greater then just personal licenses, however the original post for this idea mentions a license for a secondary, personal machine. And while we do have a feature in our licensing platform that allows for a key to be moved through the transfer license option or the deactivation and reactivation of the key, which may alleviate your issue, this is currently the extend at which license keys can be moved. Our current plans also do not include a method for obtaining a secondary seat that can be activated full time on a different machine outside of the process discussed above.


Thank you for your feedback on this issue, we greatly appreciate it.

5 - Atom

@KylieF - please would you provide a link to the process for obtaining a personal license (even though it is "fairly complicated")?


Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team



You'll need to reach out to your Sales Associate to start the process as it requires a legal agreement.

5 - Atom

I have Alteryx license at work but I would like to have one at home.


  • Why? To progress with Alteryx you need to have the option to install the tool and play with it, only for educational purposes, but not only for 14 days - huh you really believe that you can master the tool within 14 days?
  • Why? Because at work I do not have time to learn and to progress with certification - I have time for that when I am at home.


You cannot:

  1. participate in weekly challenges
  2. get more knowledge and study/learn
  3. get better at the tool
  4. progress with certification

if you do not have a free educational version of the tool only for the purpose of upskilling yourself.


This is a shame. Why you do not want to change that?





7 - Meteor

There is no way they will do this—they are too greedy. I tried this with a sales rep that was trying to get our company to buy more licenses.
She said that she would bring it up the chain and find a solution. After she sold my company additional licenses she ghosted me.  This alone is a reason why Alteryx will never be mainstream and will end up dying in the long run.  This isn't Photoshop—you aren't first to market or a standard for analytic companies. You should be trying to spread Alteryx to the masses. 

Status changed to: Under Review