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Allow Calendar Side by Side

Please have the option to place Calendar tool side by side in the Interface Designer. Currently they are only allowed to be placed vertically i.e. on top of each other. By placing the calendars side by side, the interface will look more organized and intuitive to the user. This is particularly useful when there is a need for a companion calendar tool. For example, allowing user to pull data between a date range. In this situation, arranging Date1 and Date2 side by side will be intuitive than placing them vertically.

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hi @bobbybalan thanks for the feedback! We appreciate the time our users take to provide us feedback and help us improve our product. Be sure to check out our other product boards and user ideas as well as our updated Submission Guidelines. And "Like" the ideas you want to see in the product! 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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