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Add metadata to YXDB

I think it would be great to add metadata to a yxdb. For example, I was back tracking and trying to figure out which module/app I used to create an old yxdb. Now I use Notepad++ and do a "Find In Files" Search. Wouldn't it be great it the module path would be available when you look at the properties of a yxdb in Alteryx?

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11 - Bolide

Great idea! I was just about to post this idea today and found your post. Can't believe it hasn't gotten more votes. I lose the source creation of my yxdb's all the time. I suppose the easiest way for me to handle this, until Alteryx bakes it in, is to add a hyperlink to the source yxmd into the workflow using the yxdb. Just now thought of that.


I think this is on my list of essential features because today I needed to find out where a yxdb came from, so I could update it, and it took FOREVER. Ughhhh.


And I probably have 4 or 5 workflows where that yxdb is the input source, but can I find all of them so I can re-run them and make sure they're current and modify those workflows to reference the yxmd that created the source data. Nope nope nope.


Wouldn't it be great to pull in a yxdb and run a tool like "source data" or something, and you could find not only where it came from but also which workflows depend on it?