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Add Sum to Field Info tool

In v10, I am using the summarize tool a lot and getting tired of selecting one or more fields and doing a sum function and having to revisit each summary tool when you add a numeric field upstream... I was hoping there would be a more dynamic method, e.g. select all numeric fields and then doing a SUM on _currentfield_.

Then I remembered the Field Info tool. (on a side note, I'd bet this tool is overlooked a lot). This tool is great because for each numeric field you get Min, Max, Median, Std Dev, Percent Missing, Unique Values, Mean, etc.

The one thing that's missing is SUM. Can you add it?


Also, can you give the user option to turn off layouts and reports so it runs faster? I only care out the data side.


or is there another way to do sum on dynamically selected numeric fields? (include Sum on Unknown field)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Check out the BasicDataProfile tool that is currently in the laboratory...
11 - Bolide

Hi Ned,


Ah, this will eventually replace the Field Summary tool. Looks great, especially the quartiles but I still don't see SUM?


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