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PowerBI On-Premise Loader Enhancement

The addition of the On-Premise PowerBI loader is very beneficial. The current loader grabs PBI workspaces, workbooks, dashboards, and database connections all important to the PBIX files. It would also be an huge benefit if Connect could capture Paginated Reports (RDL file extension) information. 


Thank you.


Jason Melik



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

We appreciate your feedback! If you haven’t yet be sure to check out our updated Submission Guidelines as it goes over our idea boards and the requirements to reach product in a bit greater detail. Be sure to check out the other product idea boards as well as like any other ideas that would benefit you!

Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @jmelik , I'm moving this into the Under Review stage. Our engineers are investigating the options and feasibility of achieving this goal.


Hi @jmelik,


PowerBI On-Premise loader works with Paginated Reports the same way as with others types of reports. All those various types are presented in Connect generally as reports without distinguishing of what type it is. Could you describe us your use case a bit  please? We would like to understand the context of the idea.


Thank you,


Jan Snaur

8 - Asteroid

Hi @JanSnaur ,


The loader will currently load data connections found in PowerBI (pbix) files. The Paginated Report (rdl) files, load no information outside of the Report title. It would be very beneficial if Connect could capture the data connections, or even better, capture the SQL queries used in these solutions.


Thank you for reaching out!


Jason Melik