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Automation of the installation and upgrade process

Hi Alteryx team,


It would be great if it was possible to install/upgrade and configure Alteryx Connect using scripts. This would enable us to deploy Alteryx Connect using script deployment tools such as Urbancode Deploy. This functionality was recently requested by one of our customers, who has most of their application installations/upgrades automated this way.


Thank you very much for considering this idea.


Kind regards,


Status changed to: Comments Requested

Hi @JanLaznicka , I do understand the request in general, but I'm curious how often do you install/upgrade Connect that it's worth to create and test installation/upgrade script for it. I understand the approach e.g. with Designer where you need to install/upgrade it on multiple instance, but in case Connect you have one, max. two, instances. But maybe there's a use case I'm missing, so I'd like to ask you for some details, please 😉


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Hi @VojtechT,


one of our customers has 5 instances of Alteryx Connect and the expectation is, that if they are upgrading/migrating the instances to a different location, they would like to do it automatically as they do it with other applications, using the code deployment tool.