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Alteryx & SQL Loaders ready to schedule

The Alteryx Connect loader (found under help / sample workflows etc...) is set up to be run in interactive mode as an analytical app.

However; on any installation of a reasonable size - these loaders will be scheduled to run without user intervention.


Given the fact that Analytical Apps are not easy to schedule (given the interactive nature of the inputs) - it makes sense to provide a version of the loader that is ready out-the-box to be scheduled and run hands-free (built and tested as a yxmc file).


Many thanks



Hi @SeanAdams ,


loaders can be scheduled using Connect directly for loading instead of the way of using them in Designer. 


Once you add your Alteryx Gallery into Connect, you can add Connection, that can be then loaded and also scheduled for loading. 


Would this be working solution for you?



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

thank you @VojtechT - that does sound workable.   

Status changed to: Implemented

The way how to natively schedule a metadata loader is by running the loader straight from the Connect using your Gallery server for the loader execution.