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Easy access to My Bookmarks

When I click My Profile, I can see posts I've starred.  But every time I want to see my bookmarks, I have to think about how to get to the list of my bookmarks.


The current navigation of My Settings > Subscriptions & Notifications > My Bookmarks

is not very intuitive.


Would it be possible to add my list of bookmarks under My Profile, or at least put Starred Posts and My Bookmarks together somewhere?

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager
Status changed to: Now Available

@ChrisTX  If you have book marked anything, your bookmarks will show at the bottom of the landing page when you are signed in. It should be below the Latest Topics box.






Thanks @DanM.  I do see my bookmarks on the main community page, under Latest Topics.


Would it make sense to also list my bookmarks under My Profile?


Since my starred posts are under my profile, it seems like my bookmarks should follow right below that.



Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager
Status changed to: Comments Requested

@ChrisTX ,


Thanks for the feedback. We are not sure yet as to how many people would use this option as you have stated. However, we may look into easier access to information as you mentioned, but would like to hear more from the Community if this is something more users are looking for as this would take some development on our end. I have changed the status to Comments Requested to get more feedback.




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Now Available

Thanks for the cool idea @ChrisTX.


We went ahead and added this to the user profile menu in the top-right. Check it out and let us know what you think!


profile menu.png





Looks great @AlexKo 


Thanks.  It's very easy to find my bookmarks now.