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Too much Visual Query Builder blank space

I've had several of my users complaining about the Visual Query Builder view after the last couple of releases. When you maximize the window, half of the screen is taken up by blank gray space and there is no way to adjust it and it's very difficult for those who do not know SQL to build their queries in this very small white space. Need to be able to adjust the gray space.



visual query builder.jpg


Me too.  Unbelievable! What developer would think that it is a good idea to take up half the screen with un-usable space. Very frustrating, especially for a piece of software that costs as much as Alteryx costs.


Thanks @buddy_jones for chiming in, to clarify, this was not an intended change and when discovered, a defect was raised and our developers moved as fast as possible to fix the issue which is going through a rigorous QA process at the moment, this fix among a few others will be part of the upcoming 2018.2 stable update to be released early next week.

Thank you for your response. I look forward to the next update. I do love Alteryx.

Buddy Jones



The 2018.2 stable update (2018.2.5.48994) has been released today which includes the fix for this issue (VQB resizing). You can download this version from I did test it myself and it is now working as expected.


Thanks again for your comments.


@Matt_Curtis @jpboyd58 @buddy_jones