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Combine the Container and Comment Tools

When I use the Comment Tool its difficult to select the tools inside it, but when I use the Container Tool the Container Text doesn't support Font Sizes, and doesn't support multiple lines of text so I end up moving the Comment into the Container, but still have problems selecting a group of tools.


So a combined Comment and Container Tools would be wonderful!


Bonus: If the Comment Tool could support Multiple Font Sizes.


Combined Tools.png


Sounds good to me 🙂

Your idea gave me the idea to put a comment inside a container.  I like it.

The comment can be sent to the back inside the container.
I haven't noticed that it interferes with the tools in the container.

Yeah, this is a great idea.  Would be a real time saver.


I  like this idea. It would make documenting the container and the workflow so much easier!

With the Combined tool make sure the a Header and Footer comment section be available, and user Selectable columns to place any other comments inside the Container.

Header and Footer Comments.png

Yes! This actually crossed my mind today. Thank you for sharing!