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Tittle of the container. Possibility to split the tittle into couple of rows.

Very often, I used a container to make notes about certain parts of the workflow. Some of the comments that I created are pretty long. Could the user have the possibility to have at least rows for the title of the container?



I have created a screen to show what I have in mind. Potentially users could have the ability to turn this option on or inside the container?



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

hi @Emil_Kos, your idea and feedback are appreciated! Our product team is constantly striving to make our products better, and the user feedback we received is critical in that mission. Make sure to also check out other users’ ideas, and "Like" the ones you'd like to see in the product. 

16 - Nebula

Hi @CristonS,


Happy Friday!


I am happy that I could help. I am aware that everyone in Alteryx is doing their best to provide the best possible tool on the market. I will do my best to be more active in the ideas section to help you even more!

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

I can get behind this idea. This would be particularly helpful in vertical layout workflows where tools flow top to bottom so longer titles in tool containers are very unnecessary and create lots of extra space in the container. Example:




16 - Nebula

Hi @Kenda,


I am not a vertical user but definitely it is game changer for vertical users 🙂