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Add DateTime type with milliseconds

I work with data where milliseconds is my saviour when I count distinct the datetime to get number of events. Alteryx ignores the millisecond part (as lots of other BI tool providers - I don't know what is going on with this idea that milliseconds are not needed). Yes I can convert it to string but it's not the best practice to create duplicate fields just so that I have date part for date-related calculation (plotting, time difference) and on the other hand string value for quick and easy counting..


Date/Time parsing in Alteryx is really weak. I'd love to see it support the full ISO 8601 format for dates, including milliseconds and timezones.


Agreed, very shocked to see that Alteryx datetime fields don't support milliseconds.  I have many situations where I need to sort by datetime and without the millisecond portion, the sorting is not consistent.  Sure, I can use other fields to ensure the sort works as expected, but I shouldn't have to.


NEED full date time support including milliseconds and timezones


Adding @Ned @AdamR


part of the reason that @Ned and team did not add milliseconds is that Alteryx cannot guarantee millisecond accuracy on timestamps generated INSIDE a flow because you cannot guarantee sequencing (when tools operate in parallel).


However if what you're doing is calculating the number of milliseconds between a trade execution, and a trade being cleared - then this is not Alteryx dependant (this is all raw data) and having milliseconds is essential and many people have to find a workaround for this by creating a secondary ms field.


well worth engaging Ned and the technical team in this since this will directly play into the design of the new engine.




I agree that support for milliseconds would be beneficial. I have data that has milliseconds which is a part of my key. If I join in-database I have no issues, however as soon as I bring the data locally the milliseconds appear to be stripped and I can't effectively join locally (I get duplicate entries). I've been able to use a workaround by creating a string field in-database before bringing the data locally, however this would be more difficult to do without In-Database tools (DB2) and seems to be an unnecessary hassle if it would at least bring milliseconds into the flow.


In reference to the time stamp accuracy in a workflow, couldn't the time stamp vary by more than a second anyhow if the workflow took longer to run?


Any future support for milliseconds would be greatly appreciated!!

Yes! I need this too. I am pulling data from a DB2 database via SQL and when I bring in the timestamps, they are not formatted correctly (which are needed downstream in the process). I tried to use cast varchar but that doesn't seem to work for DB2, so if anyone has any idea how to do it with DB2 I'd sure appreciate it (and would be lovely if this could just work in Alteryx to let us have our milliseconds!)


Being able to retain the format of data is crucial. I'm in favor of being able to work with milliseconds in Alteryx.


Please add milliseconds to DateTime data types.   Without milliseconds, I obtain duplicates due to some of my keys being DateTime fields.


We pull data from databases a lot where the milliseconds value is of great importance.  Being able to natively retrieve this data without a major work around is very important to us.  We would look forward to having a feature that will easily allow this.


for us we use a standard format but an example of this for us is:



My company needs the milliseconds!