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New Feature Proposed: Data Table Input Interface Tool for Analytic Apps

Alteryx can be used to collect manual data input by chaining Analytic Apps together to create a dynamic application.


A specific example is collecting TRUE or FALSE values, from the user, for every record that was generated by a prior workflow. Technically this can be done by populating a List Box with the output from the first Analytic App. (the first picture below shows a dynamically populated list box.)


Alteryx should provide an interface tool that accepts a table of data and allows this table to be edited. Certian columns could be marked as "editable" or "locked" depending on whether edits are allowed for that row.


Here is an example of the existing list tool that can be used to collect TRUE or FALSE values.

List Box that looks like a table.jpg

Here is the proposed "Table Input Tool" with text input boxes to input more complex data for each row.


Table Input.jpg

Also note how multiple columns would be allowed instead of just NAME and VALUE.


If this is already possible please let me know.

Alteryx Forever!

thanks, Evan







7 - Meteor

yeah the interface tools currently are not enough

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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