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Update help to reflect DSN free connection strings

Hi there,


the Snowflake documentation only refers to connection strings which use a DSN such as this page Snowflake | Alteryx Help which refers to the connection string as odbc:DSN=Simba_Snowflake_JWT;UID=user;PRIV_KEY_FILE=G:\AlteryxDataConnectorsTeam\OAuth project\PEMkey\rsa_key.p8;PRIV_KEY_FILE_PWD=__EncPwd1__;JWT_TIMEOUT=120


However - for canvasses which need to be productionized on Alteryx Server - it is critical to use dsn-less connection strings so that the canvasses can be deployed and run on any worker node without having to set up DSNs on every worker node.


A DSN-less connection string looks like this: 



Please could you consider making an update to the help texts to provide and describe a DSN-free connection string as well as the DSN driven connections?


Many thanks


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15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Much needed!