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Spatial Process & Distance Tool Update - Multiple Inputs



I recently had a project that involved clipping the spatial polygon from one record with the spatial polygon of a different dataset. Currently, the only way I know how to use Alteryx to do this is to use a Spatial Match tool to get both spatial objects in the same record line, which allows me to use the Spatial Process tool. In my case, I was trying to trim polygons to the US, so my second spatial object was a polygon for the entire US, which then got attached to every record of my data in order to do the Spatial Process.


My suggestion is simple, make the Spatial Process tool have an option that would allow for two Inputs. I bring my target data in on one stream, chose the process method I want, and use the second Input as my "clip" data. This would allow people to trip/clip their data without having to append the clip data to every single record in the target dataset.


Same concept applies for the Distance tool, currently have to have both spatial objects in one record. My suggestion is to allow the Distance tool to also allow two inputs, I understand there is the Find Nearest tool and that as two inputs, but I'm not always just wanting the nearest, or to have a cutoff distance. Sometimes, I just want to know the distance in my target data to the location in my secondary file, for every record..

7 - Meteor

I would also be interested in this clip feature. I would save tons of time in processing, and have many use cases along with distance calculations.

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