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Microsoft Azure blob storage


A lot of companies now are deploying on both AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Alteryx supports AWS S3 object storage out of the box, it would be important to support Microsoft Azure blob as part of the native Alteryx product as well. 



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Hi- Is the out of the box functionality of Alteryx connecting to Azure blob available? If no- when would it be available. Thank you.

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Hi, I'd also find this really useful. I'm trialling Alteryx and it is a shame I cannot connect easily to Azure blob storage. Thanks

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Being able to easily download from  & upload to Azure Blob storage is becoming very important for me as i transition away from s3 because i use Powerbi for my dashboards and reporting,so the native connection tool is far more secure and easily configurable than using what is essentially an s3 url link.
I've tried using the Download/Upload macro tool suggested in previous community posts, but haven't been able to make it work, despite it being seemingly straight forward.
Using the s3 tool currently in Alteryx has been perfect, so a similar tool for Azure Blob storage would be ideal.
I currently have to output my workflow to the s3, then use AZCopy to copy to Azure, then refresh my Powerbi dataset to make sure it's ok before deleting from the s3.
Being able to output straight to Azure would speed things up enormously as well as giving me more confidence in my output as the fewer number of steps = less chance of error.



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I will like to second that. My organization also moved the databases onto Azure so having an ability to connect to blob storage will be greatly appreicated.

7 - Meteor

Any progess here?


6 - Meteoroid

Any progress with this, i am in need of this service too 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Have you tried the Azure Data Lake Tools on the Gallery?!app/Azure-Data-Lake-Tools/5b1fffbd8a93371030bcfedc


We'd like your feedback, and let us know if there are other features you'd like to see included.

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While I appreciate the existence of the Azure Data Lake tool, we are using azure blob storage specifically.  We are fully committed to Azure and part of our strategy revolves around azure blob storage (not data lake).  This is critical functionality for us.

6 - Meteoroid

No activity on this thread for awhile. Anyone know if this is in Development yet or is it truly still "Under Review"

8 - Asteroid

Also interested!