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Linear Optimization (LP) Modeling


I am not sure if this capability exists but I assume it does not.

We have a need to optimize a Linear Program (LP) model that consists of a system of equations and has both:
An objective function and a series of constraints. One of the software capabilities that SAS offers that currently
Alteryx does not have is this optimization capability. 

I am wondering if the capability is currently not available, is this capability in the Product Roadmap?


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Ricardo,

Alteryx includes the LP package lpsolve. See the following link for packages coming with v9.1
Mathematical programming models of this type are something we have thought about including. However, they don’t lend themselves nicely to our existing GUI widgets. As a result, they are better handled using an R tool in an Alteryx workflow

Hope this helps

5 - Atom
That's great to know, we'll be digging dipper into the Ipsolve LP package to better understand how to leverage this capability and apply it to one of our existing projects.

Thank you for the post JC.

7 - Meteor
Could you please share an example on lpsolve. I'm not being able to find how to go about it.
13 - Pulsar

Verison 10.6 seems it'll have very easy to use linear programming options... 

Download models from excel or load CPLEX format, solve in Alteryx, awesome...Smiley Happy