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Input/Dynamic Input options for .yxdb and other local files

I have several .yxdb files that I’ve been appending to daily from a SQL Server table in order to extend the length of time that data is retained.

They’re massive tables, but I may only need one or two rows. 

I had hoped to decrease the time it takes to get data from them by running a query on them (or a dynamic query/input) as opposed to using a filter or joining on an existing data set which would have equal values that would produce the same result as a filter.

Essentially, the input of .yxdb would have the option of inputting the full table or a SQL query just like a data connection.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
YXDB is designed for fast simple interchange of data and has no indexes. It is really just meant to be a better CSV file. You should take a look at using SQLite files for your needs. It supports exactly what you are asking for.
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15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Although they are not intended for this usage, it would be nice to have an 'indexed' version of the YXDB file, that can be utilised similar to Calgary.

Calgary is fantastic, but limited in not being able to append to files.