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Find Nearest tool UI improvement for over 100 Miles

When a user wants to use the find nearest to say find the nearest within 200 miles the dropdown stops at 100.

Similar if they want a number in between IE 15 the interface is not intuitive.

While you can just type the number in the interface doesn't look like you are able to.


Simply adding a "Custom" selection at the bottom would make this much more intuitive.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This is now considered a defect and will be fixed in later versions!

Find Nearest Defect.png

11 - Bolide

I agree that this would be beneficial. In the meantime you can work with XML modification within Alteryx to allow custom values for the distance.

To enable editing the XML you need to go to the user settings -> advanced -> display xml (as to allow editing)
user settings.png

After this, you can select the tool (Find Nearest) and choose the XML view buttong within the configuration pane
modified XMLmodified XMLrun results in a match at ~8500 Km distancerun results in a match at ~8500 Km distance