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DCM to support DSN-less connections (example is MS SQL ODBC)

When creating a connection using DCM (example being ODBC for SQL) - the process requires an ODBC Data Source Name (see screenshot 1 below).

However, when you use the alias manager (another way to make database connections) - this does allow for DSN-free connections which are essential for large enterprises (see screenshot 2 below).    


NOTE: the connection manager screens do have another option - Quick Connect - which seems to allow for DSN-free connections, but this is non-intuitive; and you're asked to type in the name of the driver yourself which seems to be an obvious failure point (especially since the list of all installed drivers can be read straight from the registry)


Please could we change DCM to use the same interfaces / concepts as the alias screens so that all DCM connections can easily be created without requiring an ODBC DSN; and so that DSN-free connections are the default mode of operation?




Screenshot 1: DCM connection:



screenshot 2



cc: @wesley-siu  @_PavelP @ToddTarney 




Appreciate your input! We are currently working on enabling full DSN-Less support for ODBC connectors in DCM. Stay tuned for future releases.

6 - Meteoroid

We could do with this too.  Is there an update on the release that this will be in?