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Copy/Paste Layout Tool Row Configuration

Hello all,


When you copy and paste a layout tool to keep the formatting you just spent hours fixing it goes away as soon as you paste it. This is infuriating. Please keep the formatting from resting upon pasting.

Attached are pictures of a copy and pasted layout tool connected to the same incoming data source.

You can clearly see that the order and formatting has been removed. #Infuriating





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Under Review

Hi @Nick_Yarbrough

I see your frustration! I've asked the development team to take a closer look at this issue so we can understand the underlying problem and assess what our options are. Hold tight and I'll have an update for you once they've investigated a bit.



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@KatieH You're awesome! thanks for taking a look!!





P.S. Sorry for the awful grammar in the first post, i have no idea how that happened. LOL

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I was attempting to replicate this and was unable to, but I may be doing it incorrectly. It is possible this was already fixed, although I cannot be certain. Is this still an issue for you in the latest release? If so, can you provide a workflow that demonstrates the problem?

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Thanks @jpoz ,


When i discovered this issue, it was after setting up a layout tool, Copy and pasting it and then reconnecting it to the original data source. If the configuration hasnt reset then it is fixed, but if all the layout and settings have reset then this is still an issue.

I will test on my side and see if i can recreate the issue.



Alteryx 11.7.4

8 - Asteroid

Looks similar to my idea which I want to be implemented more broadly to any tool rather than specific to layout tool. The whole configuration of the tool should be duplicated.


Correct me if I'm wrong. Maybe i misunderstood this idea.