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Copy Tool with Current Settings

Hi Alteryx Designer Dev Team,


There are times where you want to create a variation of a particular pipeline and the data transformations in the beginning of the pipeline are similar but need slightly different configurations. To save time, can we have a right-click context option for each tool to be able to copy/paste or duplicate tool with existing configuration. This saves time by only having to change a few options in the duplicated tool. This is common for tools like, input, output, joins, groupings and reporting tools. An example where this functionality is handy in reporting: you may have a particular way that you always do your charts and instead of configuring the chart options from scratch each time, you copy paste the chart tool with current configuration and then you only have to make minor changes such as the data connections. 


Thank you


@Gopinaath Great idea. I think you're idea is a more general version of my idea here.


Yes I didn't see your post come up in my search (copy tool with settings) before posting my idea. However your idea is a bit too specific and I would like this implemented in a very simple general way. In the process, I hope it ticks off your request @patrick_digan.


I hope it is not too complicated for the devs to just do a copy tool with configuration in the right click context menu for right clicking on a tool. This could be only for native Alteryx tools as it may be complicated to extend to user defined macros on the tool palett