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Batch Macro Testing - Update "Test View" Interface Designer

Idea:   I think the Interface Designer's "Test View" window should allow control parameters to act like "Text Boxes" and allow the designer to manually edit, or type a control parameter for use in a debug module.
When designing batch macros, there currently is not an easy, built-in way to test or debug their functionality.  There are two reasons to build a batch macro:
1) to reconfigure the macro at run time, just as if they were the answers to questions in the macro GUI;
2) to group the records going in the macro inputs into batches.
If I am designing a macro to perform the 1st function -- reconfigure the macro at run time -- I need to be able to test its functionality in a debug module.
The Interface Designer's "Test view" window should provide this ability by allowing you to type an example control parameter value.  However, the Test View window only allows you to "dropdown" to a value via a dropdown box.  This dropdown box is always empty, thus never allowing you to enter a test control parameter.  I think the Interface Designer's "Test View" window should allow control parameters to act like "Text Boxes" and allow the designer to manually edit a control parameter for a debug module.
I've attached a screenshot of a simple, two control parameter batch macro.  As you can see, in the Interface Designer, I don't have a way of inputting a value in either control parameter field to open a debug module.

9 - Comet



I totally agree with you.  Before the interface tools showed up (v9.0 maybe?), batch macros used to be easy to test with text boxes for the parameters.  They took that feature away and apparently don't plan to add that functionality back.  I appreciate the support!  


FYI - I did describe a workaround above to test, if you're interested.




17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Thanks @collin_pace  - as you say, setting workflow constants does get around this, and as you mention it's not clear or intuitive.


cc: @Claje 

Status changed to: Coming Soon

This will be available in the upcoming release. Thank you for suggesting it.

Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for suggesting this! In the 2019.4 release (, you can test a batch macro and enter text into these controls in order to debug with those values. 

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Awesome, I was just going to post this as an idea as I've found debugging batch macros a pain in the past, with using a text input where I can put the values I want into it and connecting that as the input instead. But now I am so glad that I found this post. I'm on 2019.3 at the moment so the workaround suggested by @collin_pace is really helpful.