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Anchor / Fixing inputs

When building iterative macros and debugging I tend to copy an paste the calculation part multiple times underneath to see what the status would be on iteration 2, 3, 4... However when there are multiple inputs to tools in the calculation steps, for example join tools or unions, then for each step it need re-connecting. 

Untitled drawing-8.png


So the idea is two fold

1) Allow the user to 'lock' an input so that when that tool is copied the upstream connection point is always the same, e.g. the R input for the join tool is automatically connected to the D input macro whenever that tool is copied

2) For iteration outputs, recognise that the select tool is connected to an iteration input so when it is copied it takes the iteration output as the upstream tool.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Great idea! Using alteryx's current setup, I have my workflow produce a file for each macro input's template. I link the macro inputs to that file. Then for the macro output that is iterative, I add a normal output tool next to it (inside a container) with the same file name as the template file from the workflow/the iterative macro input. Then my workflow produces the template file, and I can iterate through one at a time since the macro overwrites the template file. Then just rerun the workflow if you need to reset. Note that when you go to use your macro, you'll need to disable the container or else your macro will be super slow.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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