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Alteryx version dedicated to Mac OS X?


An Alteryx version for Mac OS X sounded like a nice idea... Although there are options for using bootcamp with windows 7-8

or some virtualisation software as mentioned in a community post here.


Rationale 1 (Competitors do it):

First of all there is no need to neglect a customer segment using Mac's.


  • Rapidminer Studio comes with a dedicated OS X version,
  • Knime has Mac OS X support 
  • Weka has Mac OS X support as well
  • SPSS Modeler is Windows only but SPSS Stats is Mac OS X compatible.


Seems SAS was compatable in the last decade, but they dropped it. Now SAS is not OS X compatible but

still with the "SAS OnDemand" version Mac users can easly get a hands on experience.


Rationale 2:

The Mac Pro Beast has 7.2 TFlops of computing power with the help of dual ATI graphics cards.

It would be awesome to install Alteryx on one... 


13 - Pulsar

I thought there may be someone commenting something like this;

"even though we compiled alteryx for osX you won't be able to benefit from those GPU's my firend"


And here is my counter example for that; Tutorial: Spark-GPU Cluster Dev in a Notebook A tutorial on ad-hoc, distributed GPU development on any Macbook Pro

11 - Bolide

I cannot echo this idea enough! Our whole team runs Mac OS X, and only has windows VMs for using Alteryx.

13 - Pulsar

Well the idea is to use Alteryx on Mac with high performace.

I thought the hypervisor slows down a bit due to reduced resource usage... But if it's not your case I understand.


And in terms of additional high performance, I mean directly reaching GPU from Alteryx...

Best to do this on Mac's with double GPU's.


Obviously there is a possibility of running Spark on Mac Os X

and hosting alteryx on virtual Windows environ

then connecting two together with in database tools. (I'll try this and note down my results in a month or two at most)




11 - Bolide

I use a latest generation Mac Pro with the dual ATI GPUs, and see quite impressive performance through my VMware hypervisor. The newer generation hypervisors paired with recent Intel chips are quite good at passing instructions directly to the hardware, and not having to emulate.


That being said - for GPU passthrough, not all hypervisors handle this well. But I think we are getting ahead of ourselves as none of the Alteryx native tools do anything on GPU to my knowledge. Your idea for leveraging an instance of Spark on the same machine is interesting - im curious how it works out performance wise! 



6 - Meteoroid

I am also an Mac groupie and would dearly like a Mac version of Alteryx. I literrally cannot wait to kill of my Windows VM, but have a few essential applications running on it, i.e Alteryx! 

  • @Atabarezz wrote:
    • SPSS Modeler is Windows only but SPSS Stats is Mac OS X compatible.

@Attabarezz I belive IBM SPSS Modeler 18 has now released an osX compliant version of their software, still clunky and very buggy. No surprises there.  

7 - Meteor

I also would love to have a Mac version.  I split using VMWare, dedicate 8G to each side (mac is 16G).  The VMWare version works pretty well for my needs, but would absolutely love to lose the VMWare and run Alteryx in the same place as Tableau and other tools that are Mac friendly.  Is a Mac version on the horizon at all?


5 - Atom

I'll put in my vote for a Mac-native app.

13 - Pulsar

Guys thanks for the supporting the idea

  • please shout it out,
  • share it with your local Alteryx User's groups...
  • Share it through linkedin and twitter with #Alteryx and @Alteryx tags


5 - Atom

 Yes, please!

6 - Meteoroid

Would love to have a native macOS version of Alteryx!