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Better fitting of community menu

Hi all,


I love the (somewhat) new look of the community.  It's much more helpful to find what you're looking for through search and the menu buttons on the left.  One small enhancement I would request is a better fitting of the menu icons along the left side of the page.  It might be my smaller screen size (Lenova Yoga 920) but not all of the menu items fit to my screen.  So I have to use the mouse wheel to scroll to see all of the buttons (the Alteryx Resources button!).  And the situation gets worse when you hover over the menu to scroll as it adds a box displaying the URL of the page (see screenshot below), which further hides the Alteryx Resources menu item (I actually didn't even realize it existed for a few months).  Also, once I do scroll to the bottom to see the Alteryx Resources menu, the submenu suffers from the same cutoff problem as well (second screenshot attached).


If this is an easy fix, it would be much appreciated!


Community Screen Cutoff 1.pngMenu button for Alteryx Resources hiddenCommunity Screen Cutoff 2.pngSubmenu for Alteryx Resources hidden




John Miller



Director, Community Operations
Director, Community Operations
Status changed to: Comments Requested

Great feedback @john_miller9. I'm putting this in a "Comments Requested" status to see if others will chime in and give their thoughts. I will say that we are working on thinking through some slight changes to our structure, and by proxy, navigation, so this is great feedback to have as we continue thinking through potential enhancements.

Alteryx Partner

Thanks for following up @JeffS!


I'm not sure if there have been updates to the community site, or if it was a driver update on my end, but I'm no longer experiencing the issue.  The menu bar is now scaling appropriately for me.


Community Site.png

Director, Community Operations
Director, Community Operations
Status changed to: Fixed

Good to hear @john_miller9 ! We've been making a lot of enhancements since the start of the year so I'm glad the issue is solved.