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UPDATED: 7/13/2020

Welcome to your User Group Playbook!

Please review the following resources, as we will update these quarterly, to help you and your leadership stay organized. The Alteryx user group team wants to set you up for success and make it as easy as possible to plan your next meeting.


  • MEETING DECK: This PowerPoint deck is designed to steer the flow of your meeting. Each slide is outlined for you and your presenters to fill in all the content that is needed for your presentations. Before the meeting make sure to add the presenters slides. Please review slides (translate if necessary) and talking points that are located in the notes section of each slide.
  • ADD ON DECKS: These slides are optional and allow for better customization to suit the user groups needs. This will periodically change quarter to quarter so make sure to check frequently!
  • PRESENTER DECK: When you have chosen your presenters for your meeting, email them the Presenter Deck so they can fill in the content that each slide asks for.
  • Internal User Group Survey Template: Please use this template each quarter to help gauge your members interest in topics to discuss at your next meeting.
  • MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT TEMPLATE: When you are ready to share your meeting with your group please refer to this Word Document.
  • RECAP TEMPLATE: Once your meeting has concluded, please have one of your leaders write the meeting recap and share back with your group. For more examples of how to write up a recap, check out:


PS - If you are looking to start a new Internal User Group, please review Starting an Internal Alteryx User Group article in User Group resources!

All the best,
User Group Team